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  • 132 Harley Street, London W1G 7JX

Surgical Intervention


Unexplained infertility

We offer endometrial scratching that has been shown in studies of couples with unexplained subfertility to increase pregnancy rates the following cycle up to 70%. This can either be used as an adjunct to treatments-perhaps before Ovum Donor cycles in overseas clinics or as part of a natural conception package.

Tubal patency-HyCosy/HSG

These investigation, long felt anecdotally by fertility specialists to improve chances of conception, is now proven to increase pregnancy rates by up to 40% which is similar to IVF and considerably cheaper and less time consuming (as described in The Telegraph June 2017). HyCosy can be offered on site and HSG at the Lister Hospital, Chelsea.

Surgical interventions

Natility offers a team of Gynaecology Consultants: RaefFaris, Richard Smith and Mike Stafford. Natility can offer ambulatory procedures at 132 Harley Street and Guy’s and St Thomas’ such as OP hysteroscopy, hysteroscopic polypectomy and some early pregnancy procedures. Additionally, as a team, we can offer procedures at The Lister Hospital, Chelsea. These include laparoscopy and dye insufflation, hysteroscopic fibroid/polyp removal or open fibroid removal and all procedures for the management and care of early pregnancy (ectopic removal, SMM and MVA).

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132 Harley Street is a new concept in integrated health care. Our aim is to provide exceptionally high quality outpatient services in both traditional and complementary medicine within a calm and supportive environment.

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