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Psycho-Sexual Therapy


Psychosexual Medicine

Up to 40% of couples attending fertility clinics have difficulties with sex. In some, this might be a reduction in frequency or satisfaction but others might have been unable to consummate their relationships. Leila has more than 20 year’s experience in helping couples with sexual difficulties.

One of the more common difficulties that women experience is painful sex (up to 10%) which can be managed with a combination of psychotherapeutic and medical interventions.

Vaginismus is a common cause of non-consummation and Leila has an excellent track record of enabling couples to achieve penetration by natural methods with all patients who persist with treatment continuing to penetrative sex.

Average number of consultations to success are approximately three which is considerably faster than conventional therapy.

Libido can also affect couples who are struggling with conception and we can explore and improve this.

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132 Harley Street is a new concept in integrated health care. Our aim is to provide exceptionally high quality outpatient services in both traditional and complementary medicine within a calm and supportive environment.

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