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Identification of male factor subfertility

A semen sample will be sent for analysis and careful medical and surgical history will be taken.

With these results we can identify and liaise with other healthcare professionals regarding a management strategy that might require adjustment of medical regimens. We will keep you fully informed throughout the process.

Assistance with lifestyle/diet factors

Many men have issues with their fertility related to lifestyle and diet factors. Natility can assess your current lifestyle and advice on changes. Many men can be extremely fit but inadvertently compromising their fertility. Lifestyle can also impact on sexual function, stress and sleep patterns that recent studies have highlighted as affecting time to conception without clearly identifying a cause found by conventional medical investigations (see Evening Standard-29/6/17). Leila is a fully trained mentor and can both explore and guide you towards changes that may enable conception.

We also have a fully trained Hypnotherapist, Shaun Hammond, as part of the team who you may wish to access as part of a further adjunct to care.

Advice on Nutritional Support

It has long been recognised that supplementation may help to improve the quality of sperm. Conventionally, nutritional supplements are advised but our in house Dietitian, Nigel Denby, can also help to identify natural sources of vitamins and minerals that can help to enhance chances of conception.

Treatment for sexual dysfunction

As a fully qualified medical consultant and psychosexual therapist, Leila can offer the full remit of evidence based treatments for sexual dysfunction. In many cases a combination of both helps to build confidence in the early stages of treatment. Premature ejaculation, retarded ejaculation and erectile difficulties are common causes of difficulty conceiving. Despite working predominantly as a Gynaecologist, Leila is widely published in male sexual dysfunction.

Up to 40% of patients attending assisted conception encounter sexual difficulties. These can be related to sex becoming ‘functional’ and feelings of failure that conception hasn’t occurred.

We are very happy to offer treatment as an adjunct to your assisted conception as well as for those who wish to enhance natural conception or after they have finished treatment for subfertility to improve their intimate relationship.

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132 Harley Street is a new concept in integrated health care. Our aim is to provide exceptionally high quality outpatient services in both traditional and complementary medicine within a calm and supportive environment.

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